I am a warm, empathic counsellor, psychotherapist and parent coach, working in Southgate, North London. I am skilled and experienced in developing positive working relationships with my clients. I am a fully-accredited registered member of the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

My work

I work with individuals, couples and groups and provide a confidential space for you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences. I work by listening to you carefully, coming to a shared understanding of the issues you bring and supporting you to resolve them. I use compassion and humour in my work.

My humanistic therapy training

Humanistic therapy seeks to develop our potential and growth. As a result we experience a more satisfying life. My training has included Gestalt Therapy and Formative Psychology; both of which bring about self-awareness. Once we understand how we do things we are in a position to make changes. Much of my training has centred on relationships and I deeply value what I have learned about creating healthy patterns. I encourage authentic and good-willed communication in order to develop positive, constructive and intimate relationships.

Previous work and experience

Before therapy training I worked as a manager in mainstream education aiding students with additional learning or language needs. I also facilitated parenting skills courses. I continue to work with individual students and to run parenting groups. As an educator and a therapist I have worked with a diverse range of clients. I respect and celebrate diversity of race, culture, sexuality, gender, faith and physical ability. I have had personal experience of managing and recovering from life-threatening illness. I co-wrote a guide for long-stay patients in hospital. I have worked as a counsellor at the mental health charity Mind in Enfield since 2010. I have trained at Spectrum, a UKCP-accredited humanistic training centre in Finsbury Park, North London. I am in regular supervision and I abide by the BACP Ethical Framework and the UKCP Code of Ethical Conduct.

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