Are you confused about your role as a parent? Or do you feel critical of yourself and your child, placing your relationship under strain? Are you finding it difficult get the balance right between helping and encouraging independence?

Being a parent is a tough job, yet it comes with very little training. We often repeat some of the unhelpful behaviour of our own parents. Ideas in parenting books and articles can be difficult to apply. As a parent coach I have a range of strategies to address parenting issues, and can support you in trying them out. I also run a six-week parenting skills course, where participants practice new strategies in a small supportive group.

Among other things, in parenting coaching I can help you to:

  • Appreciate yourself and your child and build both your self-esteem
  • Listen to your child and talk so that your child can hear you
  • Set and hold boundaries for your child
  • Teach your child about choices and consequences
  • Support your child in developing positive communication and problem-solving skills
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