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Couples counselling and psychotherapy

How can therapy help us as a couple?
Are you and your partner having difficulties? Maybe you’re going round and round in the same argument; maybe one or neither of you feels heard or understood. You might be feeling the challenges of beginning a new relationship, starting a family or wanting to improve or possibly end your long-term relationship.

Whatever the stage of your relationship, in couples counselling you can:

  • Take the opportunity to make sense of what’s going on
  • Find different ways of communicating so you both feel heard, understood and acknowledged
  • Manage change and conflict
  • Create a more alive, intimate and supportive relationship

All individuals have different family histories, different personal characteristics and different assumptions about what a loving relationship should be like. These differences impact on relationships. You may find yourself reacting to your partner in ways that surprise you. You may begin to feel differently towards your partner than you did at the start of your relationship. Couples counselling is an opportunity to make sense of the complexities of being with another individual. It allows you and your partner to build trust and honest communication with another.