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What happens at our first meeting?
Our first meeting is an opportunity for you to see what it is like to work with me. I introduce myself, explain what happens in sessions and you can tell me whatever you like about yourself. I am happy to answer any questions you have. At the end you can go away to think about it or pencil in some future sessions there and then. You are under no obligation to continue.

Once I decide to see you how long and how frequently will I come?
You would usually start by coming for a few weekly sessions, to help us establish a working relationship. After that we do a review to see if you are getting what you want. Then we decide how to continue. Some clients have brief therapy that might last six weeks, while others have been coming to see me for a much longer period of time.

What actually happens in a session?
Our sessions are usually led by you. You bring what you would like to discuss and we go from there. I will listen carefully and we clarify the issues. I may give you feedback about the themes that seem to be emerging and check to see if my thoughts chime with yours. We are working collaboratively on your behalf. There are many ways for us to do this, including talking, drawing, writing, using mindfulness and bodywork, perhaps using dreams and metaphor, or sharing and discussing theory.

Will I automatically feel better?
Most people feel relieved to come and talk to someone who is compassionate, non-judgmental, and who supports them. Opportunities to talk about sensitive issues are not easy to find outside of counselling. However such explorations are not always easy and you may feel rather churned-up at times. Therefore we will also talk about how you care for yourself and get your needs met outside of our sessions. Humanistic therapy is optimistic, with the belief we can find ways to have a more satisfying life.

What are your fees?
My fees are currently:
£75 an hour for individuals and £85 for couples in Southgate
£80 an hour for individuals and £90 an hour for couples in Haggerston.

I offer some low cost places to clients who are not in work or are on a low wage.

Are the sessions confidential?
Yes, I will not disclose personal information about you to anyone else. However I do have a duty to let someone else know if I thought you, or someone you talk about, were in physical danger. I would discuss this with you first.

Do you tell your supervisor about me?
My supervisor will know about my overall workload and have information about the work my clients bring, to support me in working with you, however she does not have access to your personal details.

Do you offer online and telephone sessions?
Yes, I can offer sessions online and on the telephone.